Bills are mailed on the 1st of each month and due by the 15th. A 10% penalty is added after due date. For your convenience, you may pay your bill in our office, drive thru, by mail, or by electronic draft. Water bills may also be paid at Northwest Georgia Bank, Gateway Bank and Catoosa Community Bank until the 15th of each month.

New Service

Apply at the Utility Office or online (link below).
Pay Service Charge
Sign Contracts (ID Required)

Online Portal

$11.50 for the first 2000 gallons
and $3.23 per 1000 gallons thereafter.

Service Charges


Service Fee
Installations $550.00
Residential $30.00
Business $50.00
Hotel/Motel Deposit $1000.00
One-inch Meter $900.00
Two-inch Meter Cost Plus
Reconnect Fee (Regular Business Hours) $40.00
Returned Check Fee $25.00